ideal gift!

A colorful sports microfiber towel is an ideal gift for your business partners, relatives or friends! A unique, personalized and styled towel will be a great place to advertise your company logo, print any photo or congratulations for different occasions.

Discover new opportunities with the innovative, unordinary and eye-catching marketing tool: on the beaches worldwide, in best fitness-clubs, at swimming pools, sports events, competitions, games and at the sightseeing places!

Any type of layout

We will print whatever you choose and help with the design


Ultra-light, smooth to the touch, durable, super-absorbent, soft and gentle to the skin, quick-drying material perfectly suits dye-sublimation printing.

Material contains microfiber (polyester 90%, nylon 10%), density 180 gsm


A towel is easy to pack to a super-small size and can fit in your hand. A well-designed compact bag makes it possible to store and carry a towel everywhere. A bag is optional.

75 cm X 120 cm

Optimal size

150 g


⌀ 5CM Х 21CM

Smaller than a folding ladies umbrella


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